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NBA 08

Title: NBA 08 Author: Sony San Diego Studio Created: 19/05/2007 Updated When talking on different twists that can be applied to conventional basketball game Sony Computer Entertainment America did a preaty job when launchig the NBA 08.  By far the best feature of NBA 08 is the conquest mode where you lead you team against […]

Dragon Ball Z – Tag team

Title: DragonBall Z – Tag team Author: Bandai Created: 19/10/2010 Updated This is one of the best entrys of Budokai Tenkaichi series for PSP. While engaged in battle the behind-the-back perspective or point of view to be more accurate provides the possibility to dash and soar in all directions in this 3D environment, witch gives […]

Metal Gear Solid – Peace Walker

Title: Metal Gear Solid – Peace Walker Author: Konami Created: 07/08/2010 Updated A fantastic world of military tactics, espionage in wich the main character Snake aka the BIG BOSS and his mercenary team are enlisted to bring peace to the troubled country, which has no military of its own.But there is no easy way to […]

Moto GP

Title: Moto GP Author: Namco Bandai Created: 27/08/2006 Updated . One of the best things that keeps the Moto GP PSP version in front is the quality of it’s graphics details, tracks beeing rendered very authenticly, as well as the bikes itself and the bikkers too. One other thing that worths beeing mentioned id that […]

Dynasty Worriors – Strikeforce

Title: Dynasty worriors – Strikeforce Author: Koei Created: 29/04/2009 Updated Dynasty Worriors – Strikeforce is the latest in Dynasty Worriors series developed exclusively for the portable playstation system and best of all is a multiplayer focused one. This means that there is the posibility of up to 4 playeres joinig togher in order to form  […]

NS-Ultimate Ninja Impact

Title: NS – Ultimate Ninja Impact Author: namco Bandai Created: 19/11/2011 Updated For those familiar with the Naruto Shippunden series we can tell that Ultimate Ninja Impact follows very precisely the story line so it won’t give you very much of a surprize. But even knowing the events course , your are still  very intrigued […]

Lord of Apocalypse

Title: Lord of Apocalypse Author: Square-Enix Created: 01/03/2012 Updated This is the second release of Square-Enix after the Lord of Arcana lauched back in 2010, and it continues the Huntig – RPG series. Like it’s predecessor the action is based on the Lord of Vermillion arcade that was only available in Japanese centers. The plot is […]

Mario games for PSP

Title: Mario Kaboom 2 Size: 1,218MB Developer: ? Released by Pockygames Mario canon ball for PSP is a fantastic and relaxing game. The first 3 levels are very easy to complete without no brain strugle at all, however from now on things came to a more interesting flow. It’s more like a puzzle from “Angry […]

How to play Flash Games on PSP

Ever wodered how to play  flash games on psp, the answer is  very easy.You don’t need no custom version or anykind of modification taken to your psp. It’s all there right from the start. Here is a step by step tutorial for you to get your hands on those pretty little flashy games. This tutorial […]

Ragnarok – Firtst Ending

Title: Ragnarok First Ending Author: GungHo Online Created: 29/09/2011 Updated: Ragnarok is one of the most notorious games ever lauched, also known as RO it was first developed back in 2002 as a MMORPG genre where users cand play either Player vs Envoirement , Guild vs Guild Player vs Player. The game was developed by by […]

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