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Kingdom Hearts PSP Theme

Kingdom Hearts fans here it is. A great theme for you to customize you PSP looking with one of the best rpg games released by the mother of all Square Enix and the great Disney company. Just imagine such an epic collaboration of this two giants of gaming industry could only bring to life a […]

Super Mario PSP theme

Mario Games PSP Theme

Mario is by far the most loved and popular character in the history of video games. He was present at the beginning of times of game development and since then his fame grew like and epidemic. He made his debut in “Donkey Kong” game back in the ’80 over three decades a go and since […]

Super Stardust PSP Theme

“Stardust” series was born back in 1984 as a project for AMIGA. Now it’s available on Playstation 3, PSP and PS Vita. Super Stardust HD is like a combination of the well know “Asteroids” and “Robotron: 2084” where the actual player controls a space fighter craft on planet spherical shield moving it to any direction […]

Assassins Creed PSP Theme

Assassins Creed PSP Theme

“Assassins Creed” series has been a succes in their industry and won many awards over time.Many of you may not know that the actual story is based on the slovenian novel of “ALAMUT”. The main character Desmond – a simple bartender who discovers that he is a descendent of an assassins order – starts an […]

Mortal Kombat PSP Theme

Mortal Kombat also known as MK is one the best fighting series games ever realeased on the market. The debut was in 1992 on aracade machines and after that it’s popularity exploded so it has been ported on different platforms including Playstation and PSP, XBox, Gamecube, etc. Now you have your fighting heros embeded in […]

God OF War PSP Theme

God Of War is top of the iceberg when talking about console games.There is no need to say more about this fantastic series that gather thousands of fans all over the world. Brand your PSP with this amazing little preaty related theme. After downloading the archive – extract it’s content to your local harddrive then […]

Minecraft Theme for PSP

Minecraft PSP Theme

Minecraft is like a mass epidemic,  in our days it’s fame spread that much that there are dozens of aplications created especially for it. Beeing loved by that many people  great derivated works regarding minecraft branding occurs, like: t-shirts, cellphone cases, toys and of course themes for our PSP. After downloading the archive – extract […]

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