Dynasty Worriors – Strikeforce

Dynasty worriors – Strikeforce



Dynasty Worriors – Strikeforce is the latest in Dynasty Worriors series developed exclusively for the portable playstation system and best of all is a multiplayer focused one. This means that there is the posibility of up to 4 playeres joinig togher in order to form¬† a” strikeforce ” of worriors. There is a single mode also so that you cand enjoy your solely PSP experience.¬† Strikeforce action takes place in the Three Kingdoms era on ancient China, the characters are gifted with magical powers, can learn new skills, buy more performant equipments in order to complete mission tasks.

The visuals in “Strikeforce” are more consistent then the previous version, details are more sharp and clear and the longiew is better.

Sounds include some nice guitar rifts and some oriental melodies as well trying to give you the felling of the actual continent.

The big thing is the combat system wich in other terms is amazing builded making of it a big edge over it’s predecessors.

Dynasty Worriors РStrikeforce  free version demo can be downloaded from PDC Рpsp center here