How to play Flash Games on PSP

Ever wodered how to play  flash games on psp, the answer is  very easy.You don’t need no custom version or anykind of modification taken to your psp. It’s all there right from the start.

Here is a step by step tutorial for you to get your hands on those pretty little flashy games.

This tutorial needs you to have Firefox installed.

– Connect to Internet – open Mozilla Firefox – go to ToolsAdd-ons – then  in the upper right corner in the serch box type – Unplug.

You should be prompted by now with your search results – choose UnPlug it should be the first in the list  and hit Install.

UnPlug is an extension to Firefox  with let’s you save a flash game, a video or an adio which is embeded on a webpage – right to your hard drive.

Restart  Firefox in order for changes to take effect.

Now all you have to do is to download all your favorite flash games by using this amazing addon caled UnPlug . Here is how you do it.

1. Open  and search for your  favorite games. ex  (mario games online, ninja games online , whatever you enjoy playing.)

2. Start to play the game you would like to download then in Firefox – go to ToolsUnPlug (should appear bellow Options).  A new window will apear containg the name of the game and a download button in it’s right side. Click download and a “.swf ” file will be saved to your computer.


Now connect your PSP to your computer – go to SettingsUsb connection .

Click on PSP folder – then Common folder and copy here the “.swf ” file you downloaded. (if there is no common folder –  create one).

To play your downloaded game:

open your PSP internet browser and type : /PSP/COMMON/your game name here.swf