Lego -Pitares of the Caribbean



The game recounts the tales told by the Pirates of the Caribbean films, including the yet-unreleased fourth installment, with chunky Lego figures stepping in for the films’ stars. Even if you’re the world’s biggest Johnny Depp or Geoffrey Rush fan, you may not always know exactly what’s going on in the last of these included adventures, but the game does a fine enough job of giving you the gist. Besides, what happens isn’t as important as how it happens.The levels following those scenes are copied and pasted from the Lego template. You meander through various environments filled with objects to shatter, all while pulling blocks and activating push plates to gain access to new areas. While you only control one character at a time, you can usually switch personas among several choices, morphing into whichever avatar allows you to perform necessary actions.

The game is most enjoyable during a sequence in which you roll around in a spherical cage. You move at a good clip, jumping chasms and collecting seemingly endless coins, all while squashing the spear-throwing baddies that attempt to hinder you. At other times, you take control of a parrot and fly to higher ground to assist its human master. Every so often, you also take part in a one-on-one duel, which involves halfheartedly mashing a button and then participating in the world’s slowest, most uninspiring quick-time event