Lord of Apocalypse

Lord of Apocalypse



This is the second release of Square-Enix after the Lord of Arcana lauched back in 2010, and it continues the Huntig – RPG series. Like it’s predecessor the action is based on the Lord of Vermillion arcade that was only available in Japanese centers. The plot is constructed around the Vermillion stone that poses forbiden magical powers (the Arcana) beeing able to create unlimited worlds making it’s possesor very powerful.In order to became the next Lord of Vermilion you have to you go to seven worlds, completing multiple tasks, quests in order to retrive and reunite the seven pieces of Arcana. However just for things to me more complicated in every world you go, you find this misteryous dark entity which swallows up all the worlds.

The minimum required time to get your task done is about 5 hours, depending of good or bad your skills are.

The controls  are quite basic. The standard controls are carried over from the former PSP version and haven’t changed. It means that you still get the “L” lock on button, “R” item menu, Triangle, Square, Circle, X, button are used in the same way in battle.The only difference with the PS Vita version is that you get a 2nd analog stick to control the camera (you can now toggle between standard and reverse) and that you can also pick up dropped items from mobs from far away with just a swipe on the screen.

The graphics are very sharp in details and colors, enhanced by the PS Vita powerful new engine grants faster loading timefor skipping from one area to another, characters itself are very well sintetised with depear details. As a drawback we can mention the music themes that are a little limited and quite repetitive, there are no PS Vita/PSP cross play, no online adhoc,


Lord of Apocalypse – free version demo can be downloaded from PDC – psp center here