Mario Games PSP Theme

Mario is by far the most loved and popular character in the history of video games. He was present at the beginning of times of game development and since then his fame grew like and epidemic. He made his debut in “Donkey Kong” game back in the ’80 over three decades a go and since then he had the role of this mighty hero who must save the lovely princess or his friends from trouble. He also takes part in car racing competitions and it’a great fan of all sort of sport. Mario is loved both by kids as well as adults because he is such a versatile character and he gas a great amount of joy to offer. Mario inspired a long list of game series as well as toys, figurines, comics, digital art, fan communities and the list goes on.
Obvious here is a great PSP theme Mario games related.

All the credits for this theme goes to Ian1045 from PSP DEMO CENTER

After downloading the theme – copy it to /PSP/THEME/ folder

Super Mario PSP Theme