Metal Gear Solid – Peace Walker

Metal Gear Solid – Peace Walker



A fantastic world of military tactics, espionage in wich the main character Snake aka the BIG BOSS and his mercenary team are enlisted to bring peace to the troubled country, which has no military of its own.But there is no easy way to that as you have to sneak behind enemy lines, then shoot your up in some fantastic landscapes and different environmens in Central America.

The stealth action requires pacience and strategy, you have to go low profile using your entire arsenal of combat and surveilance gadgets available, like sonar vision, or even some adult magazine placed in a manner of distracting the enemy soldiers.

When talking about the PSP controls you could be using the default control scheme, you control the camera and manual aiming with the face buttons, move with the analog nub, and access the menu and perform context-sensitive actions with the directional buttons. Ttrying to scroll through your gadgets list or weapons, for instance, by holding a face button and a directional button simultaneously, Snake is frozen in place while you rifle through your inventory.

Speaking about graphics, this includes superb special effects, the surroundings are well detailed places like Mayan temple ruins, jungle territories, makes you feel the real action.

Metal Gear Solid – Peace Walker  free version demo can be downloaded from PDC – psp center here