Moto GP

Moto GP

Namco Bandai


One of the best things that keeps the Moto GP PSP version in front is the quality of it’s graphics details, tracks beeing rendered very authenticly, as well as the bikes itself and the bikkers too. One other thing that worths beeing mentioned id that you can choose to enjoy the simulator style versus the arcade one.

If you are into Moto GP racing then you”ll be surprised to find all the riders from the 2005 MotoGP season, as characters to choose from – like Valentino Rossi from Italy, Sete Gibernau from Spain, Makoto Tamada from Japan- and others.

While the arcade mode can be very easyly performed, the thinghs tends to get trickyer in sim mode. The handling on the bikes is so slippery that you can easily dump your bike on a turn if you’re too heavy on the throttle.It’s very easy to oversteer when going into a powerslide because the handling is so loose that it barely feels like your bike is making contact with the pavement.

One other cool thing is that MotoGP has also an multiplayer mode, but the person whom you are racing with needs to have an original copy too.

MotoGP –  free version demo can be downloaded from PDC – psp center here