NBA 08

NBA 08

Sony San Diego Studio


When talking on different twists that can be applied to conventional basketball game Sony Computer Entertainment America did a preaty job when launchig the NBA 08.  By far the best feature of NBA 08 is the conquest mode where you lead you team against every other nearby city NBA teams. But their goal is also chaseing the victory so defeteaing them will need proper strategy as the league is a professional one. On your way to succes you should improve your squad skills, by training players to better develop their individual attributes, getting higher city ratings, or even use the knowledge of the retired champs.

There will be no fouls,no backcourt violations, and no shot clock, also you can out of bounds and no penalty will be applied. Passes are likely to be intercepted so by advised.

The other things that pushes NBA 08 out of the basket is the three basketball-themed pinball tables games available for your amuzement. The timed head-to-head shooting challenge is pretty fun and the three-point contest is entertaining against friends for a few rounds.

When talking about graphics the sport arena and the characters are well detailed, they tend to make a good impression and transmit the feeling of live NBA match.

NBA 08-   free version demo can be downloaded from PDC – psp center here