NS-Ultimate Ninja Impact

NS – Ultimate Ninja Impact

namco Bandai


For those familiar with the Naruto Shippunden series we can tell that Ultimate Ninja Impact follows very precisely the story line so it won’t give you very much of a surprize. But even knowing the events course , your are stillĀ  very intrigued wanting to perform close to perfection, knowing what you have to do.There are several chapters to go through following Naruto and his companyons to different stages and various events.

By succesfuly completing the levels and wining the batlles your ninja points get higher and your ninjutsu skills are improving.

Each chapter has it’s own measurement gauge that is showing your current progress and your remaing quests, items to discover or bonus goodies to collect.

All the characters all surprisingly well detailed and comply to their original design. Both English and Japanese audio tracks are loaded with a lot of voice-over that accompanies the storyline. The controls are very intuitive and easy to grasp.

You can even use the Tag Battle where you may team up with computer-controlled companion or a friend (with his or her own PSP – Ultimate Ninja Impact), for completing over 20 missions.

NS-Ultimate Ninja Impact – free version demo can be downloaded from PDC – psp center here