Patapon 3

Patapoon 3 (English)

SCE Japan


Patapon 3 introduces this new Superhero Patapon, which players can use to head into musical battle, devastating opponents with deadly, rhythmic attacks. Players will go on multiplayer Quest with friends or go head-to-head on an epic four-against-four battle against other Patapon clans with network play (up to eight players). Patapon , with it’s different weapons and abilities is a fully customizable experience that combine music and dance to create the only multiplayer portable adventure full of rhythm and war.there is something fundamentally different about Patapon 3.

The all ruling Kami – you – is gone, and the remaining Patapon forces are lead by some sort of Uberpatapon, who has special masks and powers and even keeps the beat. And the remaining forces are small; the flag carrying guy and three other warriors whose weapons, classes and powers are all upgradable and useful in their own ways.As you gain levels through battling foes, you can change the class of each of the warriors, building special skills as you go.You’ll be gathering, building, dismantling and rebuilding new weapons and armor between nearly every foray out into the battlefield.

The most highly celebrated aspect of this sequel is the multiplayer, which includes both head-to-head and co-op modes

The  free  version (demo) of Patapoon 3 has been released by Sony Entertaiment  back in 2011.

Patapoon 3 – free version demo can be downloaded from PDC – psp center here