Ragnarok – Firtst Ending

First Ending

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Ragnarok is one of the most notorious games ever lauched, also known as RO it was first developed back in 2002 as a MMORPG genre where users cand play either Player vs Envoirement , Guild vs Guild Player vs Player. The game was developed by by Gravity Co. Ltd.

Since then the game fame spread among ,more and more players were captivated by this exciting game so the game was eventualy ported on the PlayStation Portable.

By playing this aswome game you begin to fight for dominance over the Granritz Peninsula. The game provides you the stage, the background and the weapons, gamers weave their own stories. The Princess of Light and Darkness introduces gamers to a cast of complex characters with different motivations, each decision they make with affect the ending of their very own story.

You can customize your character, by  14 job classes and you can learn an infinite amount of skills You cand develop your character  anyway you like, create your team in the gild. In-game systems from Ragnarok Online such as the Over Drive and Burst Strike reappear with even more power, so can easyli wipe out your enemies’ with one move.

Ragnarok – First Ending was released on the Japanese market in 2011

Ragnarok – First ending free version demo can be downloaded from PDC – psp center here