Spiderman 2 (English)



Spider-Man 2 consists of nearly 20 loosely interconnected levels, which touch on the main story points of the film. Spider-Man first has to confront several other villains before the token final battle with Dr. Octopus. While each level is really only a few minutes long, there’s actually a good bit of variety from one to the next. You’ll go from rescuing hostages from the clutches of the maniacal Mysterio and his weird museum, to tailing Doc Ock across the NYC skyline, preventing him from causing calamity on the unsuspecting populace far below. Along the way, you’ll beat up tons of goons, and explore indoor and wide-open outdoor environments. Many levels involve a race against the clock, which makes the rather bite-sized missions feel all the more rushed. The game breaks up the more-standard levels with several fairly interesting showdowns against Spidey’s nemeses, and all in all, the variety and brisk pacing is part of the reason you’ll probably end up blowing through the experience in no time.

The combat in Spider-Man 2 is simple but pretty fun. You don’t need to make extensive use of all of Spidey’s different attacks and combos, but there’s a decent selection to work with if you want. Most of all, the game succeeds at making you feel like you’re in Spider-Man’s shoes, since you’re able to scale any surface (ceilings included), use your webbing like a zip line to make quick getaways, ravel up your enemies in a web cocoon, and other nifty maneuvers. Again, though, there’s really not a lot of content in which you’ll get to experiment with all these different abilities. Ironically, the game includes a fairly comprehensive (and optional) step-by-step training mode, which explains all the different things Spider-Man can do. But in the same time it would take you to go through the entire tutorial, you could probably rush through the first quarter of the game.