ToCA Race Driver 3

ToCA Race Driver 3


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Toca Racedriver 3 although beeing released way back, is still one of the best racing games for playstation portable. All it’s fame is given by the over 35 different types of racing, including open wheel, Indy cars, stock cars, GT, historic, off-road, rally, supertrucks, sprint cars, touring cars, monster trucks, and go-karts, among others. When playing this amazing racing simulator you can choose from over 70 licensed vehicles.

Some races for example require one specific car type, meaning you won’t get your choice in vehicles, but others offer multiple available cars. You can’t go crazy and race a Formula Palmer Audi against a monster truck or anything like that, but really, you shouldn’t be able to. TOCA 3 is first and foremost a simulation racer, so it maintains some strict guidelines for conduct.

Once you start the game and you’ve created your profile, you actually launch directly into the middle of a race, where you’ll start out behind and need to catch up. On the radio, a Scottish gentleman feeds you directions on how best to control your vehicle. Once you’ve finished the race, you’re treated to a cutscene where your Scottish mechanic introduces himself and tells you how things work around there. Mainly, he talks about how true racers exude patience and control at all times.

The game has some realy nice damaging effects like when you go crashing into a wall at high speeds. For example, your transmission might get jacked up, causing you to shift gears at a slower, more erratic rate; your wheel alignment might go all higgledy-piggledy, forcing you to veer off to one direction or another if you don’t hold the steering wheel tight; and your engine might just cut out altogether. (Extras from gamespot review).

The free version (demo) of ToCA Race Driver 3 has been released by Sony Entertaiment way back in 2007 .

ToCA Race Driver 3 – free version demo can be downloaded from PDC – psp center here